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মনিপুর,গাজীপুর সদর,গাজীপুর।



Governing Body

It seems like you're asking about the introduction of governance in schools. Governance in the context of schools typically refers to the system of rules, policies, and decision-making processes that ensure the effective and fair operation of educational institutions. The specific governance structure can vary from one place to another, but here are some common aspects of governance in schools: Board of Education: Most schools have a board of education or a similar governing body. This board is responsible for setting policies, making important decisions, and overseeing the overall operation of the school or school district.


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It's difficult to single out a "best" school in Bangladesh because educational quality can vary, and what is considered the best school may depend on specific criteria or individual preferences. However, there are several prestigious and well-regarded schools in Bangladesh known for their academic excellence, reputation, and long governing of providing quality education.


Our Mission

The mission of schools in Bangladesh, like in many other countries, typically centers around providing quality education and preparing students for success in their academic, personal, and professional lives


Our vission

The vision statements of schools in Bangladesh, like those in other countries, often express their long-term aspirations and goals. These vision statements can vary widely depending on the school's philosophy, values, and objectives. Here are some common themes that you might find in the vision statements of schools in Bangladesh:

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